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2020 6th International Conference on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ICCAI 2020)

April 23-26, 2020, Tianjin, China (Online)

Poster Session 1
Multi-hop Memory Network with Graph Neural Networks Encoding for Proactive Dialogue
Hao Yuan
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Missing Frame Detection of Surveillance Videos based on Deep Learning in Forensic Science
Zefeng Zhang, Hao Feng, Shaoyou Pan, Muyang Yi and Hongtao Lu
Academy of Forensic Science, China

Poster Session 2
A Predictor Based on Parallel LSTM for Burst Network Traffic Flow
Huang Lin, Wang Diangang, Liu Xiao, Zhuo Yongning and Zeng Yong
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Voice Conversion Towards Arbitrary Speakers with Limited Data
Ying Zhang, Wenjun Zhang and Dandan Song
Tsinghua University, China

Oral Session 1
A Single Task Migration Strategy Based on Ant Colony Algorithm in Mobile-Edge Computing
Juan Fang and Weihao Xu
Beijing University of Technology, China

Oral Session 2
Study on Prediction of Legal Judgments Based on the CNN-BiGRU Model
Chenlu Wang and Xiaoning Jin
Beijing University of Technology, China

Oral Session 3
A Comparative Study of Speculative Retrieval for Multi-modal Data Trails: Towards User-friendly Human-Vehicle Interactions
Yaohua Wang, Zhengtao Huang, Rongze Li, Xinyu Yin, Min Luo, Zheng Zhang and Xu Sun
National University of Defense Technology, China

Oral Session 4
Sorting Robots Cluster Evacuation Based on Deep Q Network and Danger Potential Field
Ze-Hua Liu, Rui-Jie Jiang, Lv-Xue Li, Yu-Ran Zhu and Zheng Mao
Beijing University of Technology, China

Oral Session 5
A New Object Detection Algorithm Based on YOLOv3 for
Lung Nodules
Kejia Xu, Hong Jiang and Wenfang Tang
East China Normal University, China

Oral Session 6
Kernel-based Relocation Siamese Network for Real-time Visual Object Tracking
Bohao Shen
Beijing University of Technolog, China

Oral Session 7
SEB-Net: Revisiting Deep Encoder-Decoder Networks for Scene Understanding
Pius Kwao Gadosey, Yuijan Li, Ting Zhang, Zhaoying Liu, Edna Chebet Too and Firdaous Essaf
Beijing University Of Technology, China

Oral Session 8
Maven Loss with AGW-Net for Biomedical Image Segmentation
Yuze Li, Kaijun Wang and Hehui Gu
Northeastern University, China

Oral Session 9
Objective Function Optimization based Time-Competition Forwarding Strategy in Internet of Marine Things
Jinfeng Dou, Lijuan Wang, Jiabao Cao, Lei Chu and Changrui Qu
Ocean University of China, China

Oral Session 10
Simulation of the Influence of Parameters on Simulated Moving Bed
Chao-Fan Xie, Huang-Chu Huang, Yu-Ju Chen and Rey-Chue Hwang
I-Shou University, Taiwan

2019 5th International Conference on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ICCAI 2019)

Bali, Indonesia, April 19-22, 2019

Session 1
Hate Speech Detection on Indonesian Long Text Documents Using Machine Learning Approach
Nofa Aulia and Indra Budi
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Session 2
An On-Line Spreading Factor Allocation for a LoRaWAN Network
Francesca Cuomo, Antonio Maurizio, Laura Scipione and Nicola Blefari Melazzi
University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy

Session 3
Robust Face Recognition with Assistance of Pose and Expression Normalized Albedo Images
Huan Tu, Kunjian Li and Qijun Zhao
Sichuan University, China

Session 4
Human Skeleton Feature Extraction from 2-Dimensional Video of Indonesian Language Sign System (SIBI [Sistem Isyarat Bahasa Indonesia]) Gestures
Aulia Astrico Pratama, Erdefi Rakun and Dadan Hardianto
University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Session 5
Comparison of Machine Learning–Based Radiomics Models for Early Recurrence Prediction of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Panyanat Aonpong, Qingqin Chen, Yutaro Iwamoto, Lanfen Lin, Hongjie Hu, Qiaowei Zhang and Yen-Wei Chen
Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Session 6
Characterization of Disaster Related Tweets According to Its Urgency: A Pattern Recognition
Michael E. Acosta and Thelma D. Palaoag
Pangasinan State University, Philippines

2018 4th International Conference on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ICCAI 2018)

Chengdu, China, March 12-14, 2018

Session 1
Malicious Code Detection based on Image Processing Using Deep Learning
Rajesh Kumar, Zhang Xiaosong, Riaz Ullah Khan, Ijaz Ahad and Jay Kumar
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Session 2
A Dynamic Pooling Approach to Extract Complete Allele Signal Information in Somatic Copy Number Alternations Detection
Long Cheng, Pengfei Yao, Jianwei Lu, Ke Hao and Zhongyang Zhang
Tongji University, China

Session 3
Combining Explicit and Implicit Semantic Similarity Information for Word Embeddings
Shi Yin, Yaxi Li and Xiaoping Chen
University of Science and Technology of China, China

Session 4
A Framework of an Unconstrained Sleep Monitoring System
Annan Dai, Xiangdong Yang, Wei Li and Ken Chen
Tsinghua University, China

Session 5
Extended Movement Unit for Pepper
Naoki Igo, Daichi Fujita, Ryusei Yamamoto, Toshifumi Satake, Satoshi Mitsui, Tetsuto Kanno and Kiyoshi Hoshino
Asahikawa College, Japan

Classification and Feature Extraction for Text-based Drug Incident Report
Takanori Yamashita, Naoki Nakashima and Sachio Hirokawa
Kyushu University, Japan